A Different Way of Thinking About this Football Season


Coming into this season, expectations for the Kansas football team were high.  And why not? They've come off back to back bowl winning seasons, had a lot of returning depth, and still had the skill position guys that helped to create one of the best, most explosive offenses in all of college football.  Not only did we still have speedy jitterbug Jake Sharp, we brought in a highly-touted kid in Opurum that has proven he's the real deal.  We still had what many would consider the best receiver tandem in the country with Briscoe and Meier.


But most importantly, we had TODD REESING. The President of Awesometown himself.  The guy that had an uncanny ability to turn potential disaster into Epic Win. Statistically the greatest quarterback in Kansas history. The guy that does stuff like this all the time:



Remember that guy? The guy that could turn massive freak defensive ends into fools? The guy that could overcome large odds to bring a program to a place it had never been before? Remember TODD REESING?

The year started out well enough.  TODD REESING was just getting warmed up- leading his team to 40+ point performances while clearly still holding some things back. But then, something terrible happened....

TODD REESING got hurt, and was out for the season. "But wait, that's still Todd out there every week!" you may argue, but you would be wrong.  In fact, TODD REESING was replaced sometime during this season with his doppleganger, RODD TEESING.

RODD TEESING looks just like TODD REESING. He's the same height, same build, wears the same number... but he's not TODD REESING.  He's a 5'10 quarterback with inconsistent mechanics, shaky decision-making, and lacks the ability to scramble around in the backfield until his receivers can break open.  RODD TEESING also isn't the fun-loving leader the program had before, but instead, a sulking guy that perhaps parties a little bit too much.  RODD TEESING still can make straight line runs on draws for decent yardage, and can still throw a good ball when he gets his feet set. But while TODD REESING had those extra qualities that make him a winner, RODD TEESING does not.

There is starting to be a steady rumbling amongst the KU faithful that Mark Mangino needs to be fired, or at least have his coaching staff blown up.  But that's pretty unreasonable when you remember that MM lost his star quarterback, and has been forced to replace him with RODD, the poor imitation.

You may argue that MM should realize that RODD is no TODD, and make the switch to Kale Pick, at least so he has a chance to begin developing for next year. But here's the thing- not even MM realizes that RODD has taken over for TODD.  This conspiracy goes straight to the top!

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