Inaugural Pac Life RCT FBB League Season Recap

I'm not sure how many of you have been paying attention regularly to our Fantasy Baseball League, but we had a wild and fun season.  This is a quick summary and recap of the first season in our league.

I don't have access to any standings earlier than this, but I can assure you, they look nothing the same.  Except that KC was in First Place for much of the season.  It really came down to the final week, and my team finally got 79 points, where KC had been idling for a while. It was a great and fun season, and thanks to everyone who participated, even if you ditched your team at some point.

EDIT: I'll throw in the expanded standings, too.

1st Cy Lincecum 79
2nd KC88 Greinke's Meds 78
3rd Western Kansas AAA Allstars 72
4th Team Mexituff 69
5th Slam Dunk The Funk 60.5
6th KU Bensa 53.5
7th Denver Dall Sheep 46
8th Slow Dance 41
9th Warden's Royalty 32
10th Your Mom 19




1 Cy Lincecum 1144 290 1124 155 .2760 1493 106 103 3.527 1.241 242 34
2 KC88 Greinke's Meds 1186 322 1157 171 .2931 1371 95 152 4.114 1.318 200 60
3 Western Kansas AAA Allstars 1069 273 1064 152 .2687 1583 110 164 3.422 1.264 213 26
4 Team Mexituff 1097 269 940 207 .2851 1229 87 110 3.653 1.255 200 42
5 Slam Dunk The Funk 1160 287 1061 197 .2848 1266 92 89 4.281 1.357 211 51
6 KU Bensa 1074 266 1066 168 .2778 1137 90 89 4.071 1.315 213 27
7 Denver Dall Sheep 943 267 996 115 .2765 1090 82 88 3.823 1.252 189 6
8 Slow Dance 955 256 958 76 .2651 1167 78 90 3.571 1.268 169 3
9 Warden's Royalty 889 193 838 181 .2764 1038 77 48 3.838 1.310 173 5
10 Your Mom 937 238 900 133 .2695 936 59 27 4.207 1.345 156 1


The totals got cutoff a little bit, but it shows enough.

Now for some quick team summaries and a look to next season, with keeper predictions.


Your Mom-  Well, not much to say here, but somebody's gotta finish last.  It looks like this team was left for dead, and that's what happened.  Kind of our version of the Kansas City Royals.  MVP: Pedroia.  Great numbers, carried this team as far as he could on his little shoulders.  Cy Young: Lester.  Not much debate here.  3 Keepers: None of the pitchers look irreplaceable, so I'd stick with David Wright, Dustin Pedroia, and Yunel Escobar.  Maybe swap Jon Lester with Wright, but I believe Wright's power will return next year, and he won't stumble out of the gate again.

Warden's Royalty- Another team that got left behind.  Still not a bad core of players, though.  MVP: Victor Martinez.  Great numbers from a spot hard to get good numbers from.  Cy Young: Beckett.  No debate here.  For the keepers here, Victor Martinez is an obvious pick to lock up the catcher position, and Stephen Drew will be solid next year.  Josh Beckett will likely bounce back and would be a solid anchor to a rotation.

Slow Dance- Didn't do terrible, but not great either.  This team looks pretty solid, and with a re draft next year, could be very good.  MVP: Zimmerman.   Cy Young: Greinke.  Played out of his mind this year, helped keep this team close in the pitching stats.  3 Keepers: Zimmerman, stud.  Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke.  Hernandez will only get better, and Greinke will be solid, even if he doesn't reach this year's insane numbers.  Cano could also get consideration, but his numbers are more easily replaceable.

Denver Dall Sheep-  If I remember correctly, Denver was the one who got screwed by the autodraft.  Too many relievers or something.  Also ended up with Pujols though.  MVP: Albert.  Cy Young: Haren.  Papelbon is close, but closers don't have nearly as much impact as starters.  3 Keepers: Pujols, Sabbathia and Haren.  That's a solid foundation for any team.

KU Bensa- Well-managed team, looks like Bensa hung with it til the very end.  Pretty nice lineup, but Soto was a bust this year.  Rotation could use some help.  MVP: Tulo.  Almost outproduced Derrek Lee.  Cy Young:  Tommy Hanson.  Even in his limited innings, helped this team out a lot.  3 Keepers: Tuloshits, I mean, Tulowitzki, Uggla, and Tommy Hanson.  A full year of Hanson will help this team, as will a bounce back year from Uggla in terms of BA.

Slam Dunk the Funk- Solid looking lineup and bench.  Teams with Morneau and Mauer are just magical, apparently.  MVP: Joe Mauer.  Incredible BA, good production from the catcher spot.  Cy Young:  Verlander.  Impressive K numbers, good WHIP and Wins.  3 Keepers: Mauer, Kinsler, and Verlander.  Mauer and Kinsler both provide great power for their spots, and Verlander is a solid ace.

Team Mexituff-  Well built team, good balance in the lineup.  Oswalt's injury set this team back a little bit, I'd imagine.  MVP:  Teixeira. Playing in a launching pad sure helped, but he'll be there again next year.  Cy Young: Cliff Lee.  Phillies got an absolute bargain on this guy.  3 Keepers: Mark Teixeira, Ryan Braun, and Cliff Lee.  Lee will dominate the NL again next year, and Braun and Teixeira will put up their usual big numbers.

Western Kansas AAA Allstars- Top 3 finisher, just couldn't quite catch up.  Very good rotation, boasting Wainwright, Carpenter, Halladay, and Kershaw.  Dominated most of the pitching categories.  Offensively, full of enigmas.  Ethier hits well with Manny, without him he's nothing.  Holliday caught on fire after switching leagues, and Ibanez hit a wall midway through the season.  Still very good though.  MVP:  Holliday.  Solid numbers behind Pujols.  Cy Young:  Adam Wainwright.  Very good year for him.   3 Keepers: Adrian Gonzalez.  If he gets any protection in that lineup, he'll be even better.  Scary.  Matt Holliday, depends on where he ends up.  NL, keep him, AL, maybe.  I'd also keep Halladay and Carpenter, again, depending on Holliday.

KC88 Greinke's Meds- Very good team, held down 1st place for most of the season.  Finally stumbled at the end(I'm not sure if this was out of KC's control or not).  The Black Knight who would not give up.  A very good offensive team who's downfall was its pitching.  MVP: Prince Fielder.  Cy Young: Javier Vazquez.  Held up the rotation as much as he could.  3 Keepers: If it were me, I'd keep Hanley Ramirez, Aaron Hill, and Carl Crawford.  But I won't even try to predict who will actually be kept, given all of the good choices.

Cy Lincecum- The Comeback Kids.  What can I say, I got a bit lucky down the stretch.  Did not have a very good start to the year, and only picked it up after the All-Star break.  MVP:  Ryan Howard.  Got me the offensive points I needed.  Cy Young:  Lincecum.  Another Cy-like season for this kid.   3 Keepers: As you might have guessed, Lincecum is one of my keepers.  The other 2 are up in the air, but Longoria and Beckham look likely right now.

Between rockchalk and Denver, you can tell why they don't do much baseball writing ;)(just kidding).  Feel free to make fun of my writing.  I hope everyone who can will stay on board for next year, and maybe even expand the league.  It should be fun.

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