OGT Roll Call: @ Nebraska


Well, tonight's Open Game Thread shattered the old record of 603 comments (set in the home game against K-State) with an absolutely ridiculous 741 comments. Damn. If we stay on this pace, we're definitely doing two threads. Especially against Baylor, when I'm expecting four-digits. Bigger game, baby.

In all seriousness, though, thanks go to all 14 of you who showed up; even the three fellow SB Nation Big 12 bloggers who weren't Jayhawk fans. Seriously, we appreciate every comment that was put up.

Without further ado, let's get going on to the Roll Call and awards...

Roll Call: KennyGregoryRockThaCradle, KCsince88, Denverjhawk, rockchalk, I need more Esteban, danimal8533, Warden11, corn blight, huskerlibrarian, Danny Satan, TB, hunter s. royal, bt01, SlamDunkTheFunk
Total Users: 14
Total Posts: 741
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
Warden11 166
Denverjhawk 147
rockchalk 111
I need more Esteban 95
KCsince88 64
Danny Satan 46
KennyGregoryRockThaCradle 32
danimal8533 31
hunter s. royal 27
SlamDunkTheFunk 6
huskerlibrarian 6
corn blight 4
TB 4
bt01 2

I doubted him. With such a late start, I said he couldn't do it. But, nevertheless, I was wrong. Warden11, yet again, takes home the Most Valuable Commenter award. Also, honorable mention awards go out to I need more esteban, who set a career high with 95, and the new kids who decided to show up; danimal (with an impressive 31, while packing nonetheless), bt01 and SlamDunktheFunk (probably the coolest handle of all time).

However, we're not all about quantity anymore here at RCT. We're also about quality, and in our search for our best quote of the game, we asked you, the reader, to rec any comment you thought worthy of nominating for Best Comment of the Game (or, BCotG). If you want to check out the candidates, go over to the OGT and sift through quickly; the ones tinted green are the ones that were rec'd, or recommended, and, effectively, nominated.

After quickly scanning the candidates, here are my five finalists. Vote for whichever one you choose, and we'll award the winner sometime tomorrow night.

Note: The bolded text was the subject of the comment; the link takes you to the location of the quote in the OGT. For some of them, it is nice to see the background...

Candidate 1 -- Oooooh The students lined up at 7:30! TRY GOING TO A REAL SCHOOL AND CAMPING OUT FOR DAYS. -- KennyGregoryRockThaCradle

Candidate 2 -- Cole Aldrich You forgot your testicles in Lawrence -- KennyGregoryRockThaCradle

Candidate 3 -- Honestly...Aldrich... it’s like GARGAMEL VS. THE SMURFS out there and you’re getting OWNED!! -- Denverjhawk

Candidate 4 -- he musta thought you meant keep the ball high when makin skip passes -- Danny Satan (Note: Was in response to Denver telling Cole to keep the ball up high when surrounded by littler players; Cole promptly followed with a pass two feet over Tyshawn's outstretched hands)

Candidate 5 -- "he's acting like a punk" Impressive for an ESPN suit. -- Warden11

Candidate 6 -- Yes they haven't called that all night. I'm glad they chose now to call it. And Doc trying to pull out his imaginary hair out is priceless -- Warden11

Candidate 7 -- You could use FHOFNCBBMFICHCBS -- Denverjhawk

OK, that's all of the candidates for now. I wanted to, simultaneously, include more quotes and limit the list to 5. Ah, well. I figured these seven were all too good to cut, and 7 isn't that many. For the record, we've got two KGRTC's in here, two Denverjhawk's, two Warden's (going for the sweep, eh?) and one Danny Satan.

Choose whichever one you want. Whether you make your selection on humor or insight (although, really, all of these are nominated and made the cut becaue of their humor) does not matter.


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