OGT Roll Call: @ Colorado

Here we go again. This time, Denver was not with us, but we still came through with a solid effort. In fact, we performed tremendously. Today being a Saturday, all twelve Big 12 teams were in action. So, all ten Big 12 SB Nation blogs (Baylor and Okie State remain unrepresented, sadly) had an Open Game Thread, or a Live Game Thread, or just a Game Thread, or whatever you wanna call it up. Here is how the standings break down for the amount of comments on each:

  1. Burnt Orange Nation (Texas) -- One-Hundred Seventy-Five (175)
  2. Bring on the Cats (Kansas State) -- One-Hundred Fourty-Three (143)
  3. I Am the 12th Man (Texas A&M) -- One-Hundred Five (105)*
  4. Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma) -- Sixty-Three (63)
  5. Rock M Nation (Missouri) -- Fifty-Four (54)*
  6. Clone Chronicles (Iowa State) -- Ten (10)
  7. Double T Nation (Texas Tech) -- Seven (7)*
  8. The Ralphie Report (Colorado) -- Four (4)*
  9. Corn Nation (Nebraska) -- One (1)*

* An asterisk (*) denotes it was a home game for said team, likely resulting in less comments than should be expected.

This isn't an effort to call any community out or anything; us here at RCT were in the same boat last year, where it was almost always me and KG here alone. And KG, living in NY, wasn't always here. There have been many, many basketball games at RCT that have gone down with only a handful of comments. However, with our new infusion of talent thanks to a recommitment to the recruiting trail (also thanks to the new hire, Denver), these threads are way more active. And way more fun. This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who is an active member of these OGTs, or who comments on any thread here. Sincerely, thank you.

Still, the Race for 4,000 lives on. We will need a Perfect Storm of circumstance to need one, but it's going to happen. I can feel it.

With all of that said, here is the data for today's Game Thread. 407 comments is a fabulous effort, you all. Special thanks goes out to Warden11, who took home the honors in what was a wide-open race. No one hit triple digits, but there were plenty of contributors:

Roll Call: rockchalk, Danny Satan, KennyGregoryRockThaCradle, Warden11, giants9107, KCsince88, hunter s. royal, labbadabba, I need more Esteban, Denverjhawk
Total Users: 10
Total Posts: 407
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
Warden11 89
rockchalk 75
KCsince88 60
labbadabba 57
hunter s. royal 38
Danny Satan 34
I need more Esteban 23
KennyGregoryRockThaCradle 23
giants9107 7


With all of that, I figured it would be interesting to see how each person has done over the past five games. Including today, it has been the past five games that this community has stepped up and been incredibly active. Well, here is the data for the past five games (vs. Tennessee, vs. Siena, @ Michigan State, vs. Kansas State, @ Colorado):

Roll Call: Denverjhawk, rockchalk, Warden11, hunter s. royal, 2.1 seconds left, hiphopopotamus, wrigleyrocker12, labbadabba, giants9107, Danny Satan, KCsince88, KennyGregoryRockThaCradle, I need more Esteban
Total Users: 13
Total Posts: 2088
Total Threads: 5

Name # of Posts
Denverjhawk 611
rockchalk 348
hunter s. royal 260
Warden11 252
labbadabba 232
KCsince88 139
2.1 seconds left 66
giants9107 59
Danny Satan 56
I need more Esteban 23
KennyGregoryRockThaCradle 23
wrigleyrocker12 15


Again, thanks to everyone. Each game, they seem to get bigger, so I'm excited as to how big we can get them in the next five games.

Oh, and there should be some real-life, basketball-related content later on tonight.

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