Big 12 Predictions: Week One

Each week, I will try and get on here and make some predictions regarding all of that week's Big 12 games. Feel free to do the same in the comments section, and if enough people get it going, we can have a little mini-competition. Might be fun.

With all of that said, here are week one's predictions:

Wake Forest @ Baylor :: Baylor just might be better this season; although that improvement probably won't actually show until 2010 or so. Wake Forest, on the other hand, is clearly the ACC's second best team. If Baylor was to win, it would be a tremendous statement as to how deep the Big 12 really is. I will be rooting for Baylor, but Wake Forest is the pick.

Western Michigan @ Nebraska :: The Cornhuskers won't be a whole lot better this season; I mean, how much of the defense can honestly be blamed on speed. Does that explain the consistent missed tackles? The horrendously average speed? However, they should still be able to take out the Broncos of Western Michigan, although that MAC team did upset the Iowa Hawkeyes to close out last year's regular season. Still, Nebraska is the pick, regrettably. Watch out for an upset, though.

Colorado vs. Colorado State :: Last season, the two played an epic battle. This year, Colorado State figures to be substantially worse, while the Buffs figure to be better. I am expecting big things from CU this season, and it will all have to start right here, against a rival. Colorado is the pick.

Oklahoma State @ Washington State :: This could end up being the best game of all of them involving Big 12 teams. Now 41-year old Mike Gundy will be heading up to Pullman to take on the the Wazzu Cougars, the worst team in the Pac-10. The Cowboys and Zac Robinson should be able to go up there and romp the hell outta them, but you never know with Mr. Spiky Hair in charge of the Pokes. While the Cougs would scare me as a Pokes fan, as they should be expected to win the game but just might not, Okie State is still the pick.

Florida Atlantic @ Texas :: A couple of things to consider. For one, I really like Florida Atlantic, and they are clearly the best team in the Sun Belt; maybe the best team in all of the non-BCS, non-WAC and MWC conferences. Yea, that is a lot of nons, but still. And for two, I really don't think Texas is going to be that good this year. I think we beat them pretty handily, and frankly, I don't see Colt McCoy leading any team to anything special anytime soon. Still, while it should be a 7-point-or-less affair, I'll still take the Longhorns.

Arkansas State @ Texas A&M :: Arkansas State almost beat Texas last year to start out the year and the Ags will be without the human wrecking ball, Javorskie Lane. So, it just might be interesting for a couple of quarters. Still, Mike Sherman figures to get out to a good start to his A&M coaching career as the Aggies roll.

North Texas @ Kansas State :: Kansas State isn't going to be very good this year. Like, at all. Way too many JUCOs, absolutely zero answers at RB, and they still do have Scary Smart as their Head Coach, right? They should win this game, and the other two patty-cakes on their non-conference schedule and maybe even a conference game or two, but they don't figure to be on the same level as Kansas for awhile. Probably not until Scary Smart is gone and if Kansas State can find a damn good replacement to pick up all his trash. Powercats win, but hold on to that feeling for awhile, because after the non-con season the wins will be few-and-far-between.

South Dakota State @ Iowa State :: Are you serious right now? The Clones aren't good or anything, but seriously? The Cyclones in a romp.

Eastern Washington @ Texas Tech :: The Red Raiders by a hundred billion points. Nothing left to say after that.

Chatanooga @ Oklahoma :: An even bigger blowout than Texas Tech's. I'm talking something like 77-3. For realz, homes. Oh, just so I have something to bold, the Sooners are the victors.

Missouri vs. Illinois :: The best for last. Honestly, while Illannoy is a really good team and Juice Williams is a scary-good player, the Mendenhall-less Fighting Illini stand little-to-zero chance of beating the Tigers in my opinion. As no fun as it is to say, Mizzou is one of the best teams in the country this year; they just may not lose, like at all. At least until the Big 12 Championship Game, where they will lose to Oklahoma, just like they always do.

Of course, I left off the Kansas game, as I will start previewing that game shortly. I know I didn't pick any upsets, but I wanted to get off on the right foot before doing anything ridiculous. Although, if I were forced to pick an upset, I would pick FAU over Texas as the most likely, North Texas over K-State as likelihood #2 and Illinois over Mizzou #3.

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