OSU Fires Sutton; Why the Bill Self Rumors are Nonsensical

In case you haven't already heard, Sean Sutton has resigned as Oklahoma State's basketball coach. You can read about it here:

Of course, this immediately ramps up the "HCBS heading back to his alma mater?" rumor mill.

Here are just a couple of reasons I think these are full of BS:

* His career path. Every stop on Self's trip to Kansas has been higher in stature. To me, stature doesn't just mean reputation- it means a committment to doing whatever it takes to have a powerhouse basketball program. Kansas has one of the highest men's basketball budgets in the nation. They we're willing to spend millions on renovating the Field House to keep us as competitive as possible in recruiting (these renovations are still ongoing). I remember once reading about the Jayhawk-shaped cheese the players snack on while riding their chartered jet.

While T. Boone "ToothPick" Pickens may be able to equal KU's expenditures, it cannot simply buy the tradition and passion that exists at a place like Kansas. There's an amazing video over on Deadspin about the scene on Mass Street on Sunday night. While Okie Staters would surely enjoy another Final Four run, you just wouldn't see a scene like that.

  • He's not Roy Williams. Local boy returning home to save the program is a cute story, but HCBS isn't the sentimentalist that Roy was. Sure he's gotten over one hump in becoming a Final Four coach. But I don't think HCBS is satisfied with that at all. Look at how the man recruits: before last season, Self had what looked to be the most talented team in the country coming back. Did he take the summer off, Roy Williams- style? No. Instead, he went and got a likely lottery pick in Darrel Arthur to join the mix. Cold blooded.
  • Self's coaching personality. HCBS runs a very basic, at times repetitive offense. For it to be successful, it depends on having superior athletes than the oppponent. Again, recruiting will never be as good to Stillwater as it is to Naismith Drive.
  • Off the court reasons. The Selfs have two young children. Putting them through yet another move in what amounts to nothing more than a money grab just doesn't make sense. As zealous as many in Jayhawk Nation are, moving in-conference would inevitably be very hard on his family. The rumor right now is that Pickens would offer something like $5 million a season, more than double his current deal. However, Self is a not-so-simple win over Carolina from being a God in the state of Kansas. He could literally name his price if that happens.
...So yeah, I don't see this happening. Your thoughts?
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